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2) You might choose to also avoid not only actual bread but also bread-like things, from bagels to English muffins. Even sweet muffins, like blueberry or pumpkin muffins, are leavened -- so you'd avoid them too. You might choose to avoid beverages that have fermented, like beer or kombucha. In this case too, the pastas and the cereals might still feel okay to you, but the class of foods you're avoiding would be a larger one.

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Indeed, there is much Ceruzzi never discovers about the occupants. Many of his corporate histories are condensed to a paragraph, drawn from public filings. The lack of primary documentation is especially clear as the story approaches the present. Only one chapter really discusses the internet economy and the star in this chapter is the abandoned route of the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad. This was the alley ?where cyberspace was connected with the ground? (p. 157). This was the alley along which was laid the fiber optic cable that connected the major players in Northern Virginia?s internet economy. These major players included the Information Processing Techniques Office of the Defense Department?s Advanced Research Projects Office, Bolt Beranek and Newman?s Telenet subsidiary, the MAE-EAST routers which carried the early traffic of the commercial internet, and Network Solutions, Inc., which registered internet addresses. In 1998, five of the thirteen top level name servers of the internet were located along the Dulles corridor. While firms in other regions drove the technical creativity and business innovation of the internet, in Tysons Corner the internet as a system was managed and governed. By contrast, CompuServe and AOL brought a telecommunications sensibility, in bringing individual consumers onto the web. We know Tysons Corner was tied to the internet by the number of firms which went black when the internet bubble burst in 2000. After September 11, 2001, telecommunications and defense firms rejoined alliances to focus on defense intelligence, and the area started booming once again. 041b061a72


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